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PDP is currently looking for SELF-DISPATCHED Owner Operators who decide on where, when and how they drive.

Our owner operators operate REGIONAL close to their home, in the continental 48 states of the USA and southern provinces of Canada. Our owner operators pull a combination of Van, Refrigerated, Step Deck and Flatbed trailers. PDP specializes in providing services to owner operators in the trucking industry, who need all the business tools to run a one/few persons trucking business and be the driver – this is difficult to manage. We provide the owner operators with the essential services for owing and operating a truck for hire, leasing a tractor/ trailers, fronting the cost of expenses like insurance and fuel, and coaching on how to make the most net profit with budgeting and learning the market. The owner operators are self-dispatched and PDP looks after the details that make it difficult for independent owners to manage on their own and drive.