PDP Trucking Inc only contracts Self Dispatched Owner Operators who have full control over HOW, WHEN, and WHERE they drive.

OUR STORY… PDP Trucking Inc. was founded in 2006 by Peter, who owns and operates the company as it is today.

PDP Trucking, Inc. was established in October 2006 in the state of Colorado with only one truck. At that time, we were a construction trucking company working with Rock End Dump, Side Dump and Belly Dump Trailers. Our services included constructing highways, excavating foundations for malls, developing airport & home suburbs, hauling snow during heavy snowstorms and transporting gravel/landscaping material. We operated in Denver, Colorado metropolis and the Rocky Mountain region. In the fall of 2008, our focus started to shift towards the Over The Road flatbed hauling. We operated in the continental 48 states. As an Owner Operator we leased under another company's authority. On January 2010, we were granted our own MC Authority (694987). In the summer of 2010, we strategically moved our main office to Dallas, TX to better serve our major focused routes.

In mid 2016, PDP implemented a new model that is more efficient and effective for both the Self Dispatched Owner Operators and PDP with the potential growth. The company was significantly downsized and re-structured using the current service model.

PDP currently has 50 Self Dispatched Owner Operators. We operate in the continental 48 states. Our owner operators pull a combination of Van, Refrigerated, Step Deck, Flatbed and RGN Trailers. PDP specializes in providing services to Self Dispatched Owner Operators in the trucking industry, who need all the business tools to run a one/few person trucking business and be the driver – this is difficult to manage. We provide the Owner Operators with the essential services for owning and operating a truck for hire, leasing a tractor/ trailer, fronting the cost of expenses like insurance and fuel, and coaching on how to make the most net profit with budgeting and advise on the market. The Owner Operators are Self Dispatched and PDP looks after the details that make it difficult for independent owners to manage on their own and drive.

Our newest additional service includes a proprietary Auto Posting a Truck with selected and approved Broker Agent's access granted to better offer loads for our Self Dispatched Owner Operators.

PDP has its own software (TMS) in progressive development to manage the business reporting activities from sales through operations to finances. The web-based software has the potential to be offered for sale to other trucking companies to track and run their business in the future.